At Maximal we strive to offer the best services to our clienteles in whatever way we can. These are what you can expect when you enlist us as your preferred recruitment partner:

 Extensive Suite of Recruitment Services As a full-service recruitment agency, Maximal has the competencies and the experience to resolve all your recruitment needs, whatever they may be. Be it hiring a foreign labor, seeking the perfect candidate for a highly-specialized position or just establishing an internship program, you can always count on us to resolve all your manpower-related challenges.

Superb Customer Experience Workforce recruitment can be draining, but it needs not be unpleasant too. At Maximal, we adopt a  warm, compassionate approach in servicing all your needs… be it in giving you the time and space you need to shortlist your preferred talents, or in helping you thoroughly understand the legal rules and regulations stipulated by the authorities. In short, you get maximum results, with the minimal of pressure.

Speedy and Efficient Process In the fast-paced era, recruitment is as much about matching the right person to the right job as it is about the speed of which it is done. With our years of experience, Inter Island brings to you a streamlined recruitment methodology that has been proven to work – both in getting the right candidate and in getting things done fast – so you can get back to your daily routine in the shortest time possible.

The Human Touch In the business of recruiting people, Maximal understands that our work is about ensuring Total Satisfaction for all stakeholders from the fulfilment of their individual or company goals. This is why we go to great length to create a harmonious environment, from the way we treat our clienteles, to the caring programs we conceived exclusively for workers and talents under our wings. The results: spirited manpower, and satisfied employers.

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