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This model is
a Singapore brand and designed in Singapore.
UL2272 Certificated and fully compliant with LTA requirement with 2 seats:
1. Weight, below 20 kg
2. Width, below 70 cm
3. Speed, below 25 km/h

Can go as far as 40km per fully charging.

Prices include installation (but not for accessories installation)
Free delivery.


★Main Features:

1. Fully compliant tLTA requirement with 2 seats, big size, very comfortable for 1 adult with 2 kids

2. Speed control

One-click on the button "M"to change the gear to meet new LTA regulation , 

M1: 0~10KM/h

M2: 0~15KM/h

M3: 0~25KM/h

3. Bright front LED

3. Rear LED light

5. Big and wide 14" premium tyre, very stable. 

6. Premium bearing, can taxing to an incredible long distance after you stop power.

7. New generation geared motor, can generate bigger torque with more power-efficient.

8. Premium Suspension.

9. All chargers with Safety Mark.


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--No defect on the items except defects that are original when delivering

Each return will be subjected to
--An one-time S$80 return charge
--An one-time S$30 pick-up charge.

 Color Options

1. Cow Black
2. Red 
color is available too, Please contact us for stock availability

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